We Are Not Afraid – The Essay By Gila Lustiger About Contemporary Violence


An award-winning essay publishing on the anniversary of the 2016 Bastille Day attack. With the French Presidential Election now behind us, this timely title from Notting Hill Editions throws light on the issues of immigration and the rise of the far right. 

A terrifying new era began for Paris and the rest of Europe when the staff of Charlie Hebdo were brutally attacked in 2015, followed by a series of terrorist attacks on Paris that left 130 people dead. The terrorists were born and bred on French soil.

In the media frenzy that followed, Parisian writer Gila Lustiger sought a deeper understanding of the crisis. In this award-winning essay, she explores the historical, political and social conditions that give rise to terrorism and suggests how we might ‘set the world back on course.’

During the three-month state of emergency declared in France, during which public demonstrations were banned and police were granted permission to carry out searches without a warrant, Lustiger reflects on the deep divide between government and governed, between the privileged few and the ‘children of the banlieues’ whose grievances are exploited by radical religious and right-wing propaganda.  She explores the elite Grandes Ecoles, in which of the 3000 applicants, a mere 120 get in – producing a long line of Prime Ministers, MPs, senators, Euro-ministers and bosses of major private companies. She asks ‘How can things possibly work when virtually a whole nation feels like it’s standing on the outside?’

Gila Lustiger was born in 1963 in Frankfurt am Main. She studied German and comparative literature in Jerusalem before settling in Paris in 1987. She is the author of six published novels and was shortlisted for the German Book Prize with So Sind Wir in 2005. Gila’s novel, Die Schuld der Anderen (The Guilt of Others) won the Jakob Wasserman Prize. We Are Not Afraid (published in German) won the Horst Bingel Prize 2016 and the Stefan Andres Prize 2017.

The pre ordering of the book is available at the link http://www.nottinghilleditions.com/books/we-are-not-afraid/251


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