Resurrection Of A Sunflower – Three New Poems By The Curator Catfish McDaris

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“Resurrection Of A Sunflower” is a work of love. A big, fat, juicy book fullfilled with poems, prose poems and short stories written by authors from all over the world. Is a tribute that signs the beginning of the journey for many authors, the end for many others. For Catfish McDaris it is only another milestone on his long path. This is why he decided to gift us three poems – totally unpublished – that complement those published in the anthology.


Sunflower Dance

Death of the sunflower iris sky,
thirty-seven sunflowers shrivel
and die under the deluge of
impasto thick upon Vincent’s
canvas, as he lay in agony wat-
ching purple black crows float
above, you are in my heart van
Gogh, I shall nourish the earth
with my blood, as it has us, the
women will weep and sing in
Portuguese in the house of old
boots and broken hour glasses.


Red Vineyards Near Arles

Was the only painting he sold while living,
in 1880 at age 27, he decided to become
an artist, he taught himself to draw and
paint, supported by his brother, Theo

He painted 2,000 works in 10 years at
a furious pace, 900 paintings and 1,100
drawings, he used impasto paint in thick
textures by brush, palette knife, and hands

In 1886 he joined Theo in Paris and met
Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, and
Pissarro, he and Gauguin argued

Gauguin lopped off his ear with a sword
and cut curious zigzags above his ear,
they lied to the police saying he did it
to keep Gauguin out of prison, in June

1889, he went to Saint Remy-de-Provence
Asylum, where from his window facing
east just before sunrise he painted Starry
Night, his dying words were “the sadness
will last forever”, his art will live forever.


The Honeymoon

The virgin canvas
lies beneath me
in a blinding
white dress ready
for wisdom love
or blood she sighs
moans in anticipation
trembling awaiting
my thrust the sheet
soon to be exposed
for curious spectators.


Steven “Catfish” McDaris (born 1953) is an American poet and author who is often associated with Allen Ginsberg. He is also notable for having collaborated with Charles Bukowski.

You can buy the book at the link

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