Resurrection of A Sunflower – “Van Gogh’s Stairway” by the poet Marianne Szlyk

Resurrection of a Sunflower Copertina

After Catfish McDaris, also the poet Marianne Szlyk – one of the contributors of the anthology “Resurrection of A Sunflower” (Pski’s Porch) – sent us a poem that can be considered as a post scriptum of her published poems. Here’s to you “Van Gogh’s Stairway”…

Van Gogh’s Stairway

Listening to
Van Morrison’s song,
Thelma mishears it
as Van Gogh’s stairway,
one more place
for her and Casseau
to walk in Arles.

At night they’d climb
to see the stars fizzing,
then falling like large
snowflakes to the
summer ground.

Days they’d ascend
before a late lunch
at the night café,
after a tour of
the yellow house,
their heads giddy
with images
and paint fumes,
the moon

She imagines looking out
to the cornfields
or banks of irises
seeing a red-haired man
bent over
his Bible.
She knows
the fields are gone,
even in France.
She knows
Casseau is gone.

Crows now fly
from lawn to lawn,
hopping on the clipped grass.


Marianne Szlyk is a professor of English at Montgomery College, an associate poetry editor for Potomac Review, and a member of the DC Poetry Project.  She also edits The Song Is…, a blog-zine for poetry and flash fiction inspired by music, especially jazz.  Her previous chapbook, Listening to Electric Cambodia, Looking up at Trees of Heaven, is available online through Kind of a Hurricane Press.

You can find her last collection of poems at this link

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