Donald Armfield – Tasty Bizarro And Horror With Hung Hounds And The Green Tea Heist

Do you like Sci Fi, Horror or Bizarro short stories and novels? Well! Because we have the right author for you. He is Donald Armfield and today we want to suggest you Hung Hounds and The Green Tea Heist.

Hung Hounds.gif

Hung Hounds is setted in a hard moment of human history: when earth is attacked by the hung hounds. This beasts are ravenous trans-dimensional mutts with HUGE penises. As every apocaliptycal story, Hung Hounds has two main characters: cool-headed Humphrey (who has no idea what’s going on) and the feisty super-sexy Dawn (who does), a retired porno actor. Well we can not forget the monkey in a wedding dress, indeed. Only thing is Glinda, the mermaid queen who has the key to unlock the mystery isn’t letting go of it, but there is a turning point. And we will never tell it to you!

The Green Tea Heist.jpg

The Green Tea Heist is about Tommy Two, a man that can pull off any type of heist. From bank robberies, to hijacking vehicles, but his forte is jewelry heists. Working for the Cortez Family, Tommy brings a certain exuberance to the table, dropping the mic with just his self as the stand alone heist man.
A group of scientists step in with a new unexplained substance said to reanimate the dead to add to Tommy Two’s latest jewel heist, that will line his pockets with large amounts of cash. All hell breaks loose when the cocktail hour is served.
A body horror, Splatterpunk, Zombie, Erotica that will give a whole new meaning to HIT THE DECK!


Donald Armfield‘s active imagination gathers in a heap of words….and after a few days of organizing and a short nap, his dexterous writing abilities compile a masterpiece. (well….that is what he likes to think.) Donald’s short stories and poetry has appeared in multiple anthologies, blogs and e-zines. He lives in Massachusetts with is sexy wife and four daughters. You can find more about the author visiting his Goodreads profile

You can buy his books at these links:


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