Carole Bromley – Get Ready To “Blast Off” With Her New Collection Of Poems


Carole Bromley’s new book “Blast Off” is out and it is a collection of poems for children.   Carole has twice been a winner in the Poetry Business Book and Pamphlet Competition and has two pamphlets, and two collections from Smith/Doorstop: A Guided Tour of the Ice House, and The Stonegate Devil. She has also won a number of first prizes including the Bridport, Yorkshire Open, Torbay and Brontë Society. I decided to have an interview with her to know more about this new project and her future ones and this is what she told me…bromley-blastoff-cover-web.jpg

Let’s talk about this wonderful book. When did all start and what pushes you to write poems for children?

I started writing for children about five years ago when I went on a course on poetry for children with Carol Ann Duffy. I found it so enjoyable and liberating that I just kept going. I was shortlisted for the Manchester Writing for Children Award and one of my poems was performed by an eight year old girl at the National Theatre which was wonderful and kept me writing.

Your last book is about poems for children. How do they receive the art of poetry? What is the perception of poetry in schools?

In my experience (as a teacher, mother and grandmother) children always respond well to poetry. They have a natural love of rhyme and rhythm and simply find it fun, Their enthusiasm is infectious. I think studying poetry at school can be off-putting but children always love writing poems.

In your opinion, what is the social position of poets in these days in Great Britain? Do you think that something changed after the attack in Manchester?

I think poetry is on the up in Britain. There is such a huge variety of kinds of poetry and so much spoken word and performance now that it is perceived as exciting and cool. Al least I think so! I don’t think the terrible attack in Manchester will have affected poetry in any way, except maybe to drive people to write about it. Certainly I did.


What are the main suggestions you would give to an emerging poet?

My main suggestion to anyone starting out would be read, read, read! Seriously, read as much poetry, including contemporary poetry, as you can. Go to poetry readings and festivals. Find out what’s going on in the poetry world. Go on an Arvon course. Have a look at what the Poetry School has to offer. Keep writing and sharing your work. Don’t be discouraged. It’s an art. It takes time.

Let’s talk about the future. What are your main next projects?

My next big project will probably be another collection for children. I have already written half of it. I just can’t stop! I am also hoping to dip my toe into writing picture books for young children. At the same time I will keep on writing for adults and eventually publish another adult collection.

Mendes Biondo

Know more about her at this link

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