The Art of Changing Nothing to Punk Gigs – A Journey Through Sudeep Adhikari Vision of the World

The art of changing nothing.JPG

I read the poems written by Sudeep Adhikari and collected in the chapbook “The Art of
Changing Nothing to Punk Gigs”. They brought my mind to another work of contemporary art: Damien Hirst’s “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”. His poems are an interesting mix between ancent and lost traditions and contemporary words.

Sudeep is the prototype of Ingeneer: he loves philosophy and he writes poems. I said that because I’m against the scientific/technological view of life. People need a deeper view about things that are happening and in this lovely collection you can find exactly what I’m talking about.

Sudeep is a “neo-Rinascimental” poet, he mixes perfectly the traditions of his country (he comes from Nepal) along with American ones. You can understand better what I’m saying, reading the first verses of the poem “Vortices of Sacred Waters” that opens the collection.

The movie of dust-colloids, under the weak
photons of Kathmandu’s evening. I always watch
it with strange Tao of love and hate.

Sometimes, I think I have metamorphosed
into its asphalt tops, which keep changing
into gutters, and miniature river basins on rainy days.

There are references to the ancient part of Nepalese culture as like the Kathmandu’s evening, but they are not a classical element because they are mixed with the contemporaneity (photons).

But the strongest part of Sudeep poems is hidden in his denouncing the behaviour of people towards nature and religion. The lack of sympathy and empathy, the distraction from the nature, and the frivolity of society are the strongest stone launched against the reader as it is perfectly written in “The Day I Saw Jesus Printed on a Dollar Bill”.

Kill the persons with heart of cobwebs.
Make a sanctuary, a museum, and synagogues;
Write their elegies on dollar-bills,
make them a currency of your beloved culture-industry.
Sell their aches in heart-shapes boxes,
and sacred parchments in the land
of sleep-walking myths.

Sudeep chapbook is strong but I think it is something we need in this periods to understand better our deafness to the world. I totally agree with Red Flocks when he wrote about this collection: “The Art of Changing Nothing to Punk Gigs is heart-breaking and heartwarming in all the right places. This unique and fun poetry book is a great addition to Alien Buddha press’ arsenal, and to that of any poetry fan.”

Mendes Biondo

You can buy “The Art of Changing Nothing to Punk Gigs” at this link


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