The Ramingo’s Porch – Call for Submissions


We are looking for poems, short stories, book reviews, short essays and so on.
All that is made of words and thoughts is what we are searching for here at the “The Ramingo’s Porch”. We were born by the partnership between Pski’s Porch and Ramingo! Blog. From one side a publisher based in the US, from the other one an international magazine about literature and culture based in Italy.

All that you can expect from “The Ramingo’s Porch” is a place for creative minds, a magazine printed as a book (because we love the smell and the tenderness of paper!), a way to meet many other writer as like you.

If you want to know more of what we like, start from thinking about the title of the magazine: “Ramingo” and “Porch”.

This magazine is the place for those who love to wander – physically and virtually – the world and the things. Be brave, be rovers and bring us many nuggets of writing. If you write free verse poems or anarchic essays or other kinds of interesting things you are welcome!

The other part is about the warmth of a house. Think of this magazine as a great family of funny people reading literature in a comfortable rocking chair with a cool sunset in front of us. So feel free to write as you really are and not as a fashionable trend told you to do.

Anyhow, if we decide to reject something you sent us, it’s because we don’t like it. But this does not mean that it is bad at all. It can work in another magazine or it can be edited, fixed and, then, published. This project is a work of love about writing and reading so try to submit your best (but also your worst… who knows?) to us.

You can send your submission to ramingoblog_at_gmail_dot_com, writing in the subject line the kind of submission and your surname. (For example: “Poetry Smith”).

Please send us your writings as attachment, specially if it has a particular layout, or paste it in the body of the mail.

A short biography is allowed but no more than 50 words – the real protagonists are your words not your life!


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