The Ramingo’s Porch #1 – Here’s The Beginning of Our Great Journey


Rolling the trumpets and ringing the drums! The first issue of The Ramingo’s Porch is ready to reach your hands. I’m very proud of this issue that is the beginning of an amazing journey. But now it’s time to give honor and glory to our authors…

Get ready to applaude the works of: Ruben Macias, Carole Bromley, Daniel Snethen, Brenton Booth, Marianne Szlyk, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Michael Dwayne Smith, Paul Koniecki, Alyssa Trivett, Mark Blickley, Catfish McDaris, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Jesse Lynn Rucilez, Fred C. Applebaum, Janet Madden, Yi-Wen Huang, Wayne F Burke, Adhikari Sudeep, Marc Pietrzykowski,  Rona Fitzgerald, Michael Lee Johnson, Lynn White, Linda Imbler, Kurt Lipschutz, Jason Baldinger, Charlotte Ormston, G Jamie Dedes, Holly Day, John Patrick Robbins, Guinotte Wise, Francine Witte, Finola Scott, Eric Nicholson, Charles Joseph.

In this issue you will find poems, stories, plays, essays, words upon words upon even more words, all for your reading pleasure. The Ramingo’s Porch is published 4X per year, and it is a collaborative effort spanning deserts and oceans. The magazine is edited by Mendes Biondo from Ramingo!, Marc Pietrzykowski from Pski’s Porch and the poet Catfish McDaris. The Ramingo’s Porch is a work of love with a lot of words inside!

If you want to know more about our authors, you can read their interviews here

If you want to purchase the first issue, visit this link


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