Notting Hill Editions – Christmas Gifts That Shift Perspectives with Big Ideas in Pocket-sized Books

These new collections of beautiful hardback books, grouped by theme, make the perfect literary gift. Each collection is wrapped in an elegant banderole at the special price of £37 for three titles (a saving of £8 compared to buying the books individually).

Notting Hill Editions is the publishing imprint devoted to reviving the art of the essay. The aim of the essay is ‘to try out ideas and see where they lead’, to shift perspectives, prompt argument, make imaginative leaps and reveal truth. Five new collections take the reader on a literary voyage of discovery, opening the mind to new ways of thinking.
Notting Hill’s editions are perfectly produced in compact, linen-bound hardback in a striking array of colours, adding beauty as well as wisdom to the very best of literary collections. Our new collections are wrapped in elegant metallic banderoles and group together the work of prominent authors and great thinkers, according to their area of expertise, interest or fascination. Provocative titles and attractive packaging combine to make wonderful literary gifts for the well-read.
Collection 1
VOYAGE: Lavinia Greenlaw – Questions of Travel: William Morris in Iceland; Osip Mandelstam – Journey to Armenia; Dennis Marks – Wandering Jew: The Search for Joseph Roth. ISBN 9781910749654
Collection 2
EPIPHANY: Stanley & Munro Price – The Road to Apocalypse: The Extraordinary Journey of Lewis Way; John Berger and Selçuk Demirel – Cataract; AJ Lees – Mentored by a Madman: The William Burroughs Experiment. ISBN 9781910749661
Collection 3
NOSTALGIA: Jonathan Keates – The Portable Paradise; ed. Kenneth Gross – On Dolls; Wayne Koestenbaum – I Remember. ISBN 9781910749678
Collection 4
EXILE: Kirsty Gunn – My Katherine Mansfield Project; Oscar Wilde/Gyles Brandreth – Beautiful and Impossible Things; Richard Sennett – The Foreigner: Two Essays on Exile. ISBN 9781910749722


Collection 5
HANDPICKED FOR YOU – three books chosen by you, to suit the tastes of the recipient.

£37 each + free postage in UK



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