Call For Submissions – The Ramingo’s Porch #2 “Love, Spring and Revolution”

Submissions call Ramingo's Porch

The first issue is out but the Ramingoes never stop their wanderings. We decided to set up a new call for submissions that will end on January the 26th. This time we thought about a special theme…

After a long consideration we decided that we want to read your best writings about “Love, Spring and Revolution”. As always, don’t mind about the style, we love all kinds of writings, but be sure to send us your very best.

Authors already appeared in the first issue can submit again, it’s a pleasure to consolidate a relationship with an author for us. We love to know him/her better and it’s a pleasure to spread his/her best words. Anyhow we are happy to publish authors from all over the world established and emerging.

Simple rules: submit your works at We accept poems, short stories, short essays, long poems, book reviews, articles and all those interesting things you can do with words. We will take few weeks to answer. If you receive no answer, please, feel free to bother us!

If you don’t know about our tastes, you can read the first issue of the magazine at this link:

Type the kind of submission you are sending us along with your surname in the object of the mail and don’t forget to include a short letter for the editors (we love to read letters – we need some fun in these grey cold days). Send us also a short biography. We read all the kind of files but you can also paste your writings in the body of the mail.

Here’s to you the recipe for the next issue you need to follow summed up: think about the theme, have fun, send good writings and spread good vibes. It’s time to Rock ‘N’ Roll for you now!

The Ramingo’s Porch Staff

Marc Pietrzykowski
Catfish McDaris
Mendes Biondo




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