NOTTING HILL: A WALKING GUIDE – All you need to know about the deep spirit of neighbourhoods by Julian Mash

NHE_Walking Guide Thumb 96dpi.jpg
Notting Hill captures the imagination of all those who, wherever they live, are Londoners at heart. A neighbourhood of contrasts, as gritty as it is charming, woven through the arts from Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear to Martin Amis’ London Fields, from The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night, to Antonioni’s seminal Blow Up. The birth place of the Clash, and the crucible from which Europe’s biggest carnival emerged, the host to the ghost of Hendrix, and a fault line which has cast into relief the challenges and opportunities of the twenty first century.

Beautifully laid out and including several photographic images and four hand-drawn maps, this is a delightful English / Japanese pocket-size guide to one of London’s most popular districts.
Through four walks on four themes ‘The Market’; ‘The Carnival’; ‘Music, Literature and Film’; ‘Buildings, People and Places’, London writer Julian Mash uncovers the history, culture, events and fascinating characters that have made Notting Hill so iconic.
‘Walking is without a doubt the best way to explore and make sense of a city. There is no barrier to entry, no ticket is required, simply select some comfortable shoes, choose a route or area, and away you go.’
Appealing to tourists and residents alike, this ‘psychogeography’ uncovers the lesser-known Notting Hill and is brilliantly written by a true Notting Hill local. Having lived and worked in the area for over a decade and spent half of that time working at the Travel Bookshop, a local institution and the inspiration for the bookshop in the film Notting Hill, Mash is the perfect guide for anyone interested in the magic of Notting Hill.
Notting Hill Editions takes its inspiration from the diversity of the area as well as its name. The essay form is the perfect vehicle in which to reflect that diversity. With a foreword by Publisher Kim Kremer who was born and raised in the area, this is a signature title for Notting Hill Editions.
Julian Mash is the author of Portobello Road: Lives of a Neighbourhood and is the literary programmer for the End of the Road Festival. He was the recipient of the RSL Jerwood Award for Non-Fiction and his writing has appeared in The Telegraph, Evening Standard and Q magazine amongst others. He has worked as a bookseller and was Deputy Editor of the Idler Magazine. He now works for Unbound as their Trade Sales and Marketing Manager.



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