RP #4 Front Cover.jpg

The front and back covers of this issue are from Jeff Filipski

Why HOT SEX? Come on, the answer is quite obvious. Because it’s funny and we all need some sex in our life. So we decide, after the Bukowski tribute, to publish a collection of poems, short stories, short essays, plays and everything you can do with words, about sex.

Madonna once said that sex is dirty only when you don’t wash yourself. So we consider sex in the same way. Don’t worry about making us blush, we won’t. But we want to have fun, have boners, have suggestions on the next kamasutra position to do and much, much else.

Those who already sent their works to The Ramingo’s Porch already knows we consider this mag as a virtual place where to meet cool authors and drink a beer on worldwide porch. Maybe at sunset when the senses start to lit.

If you feel OK with this call, send us as much writings as you want at, and just remember the deadline is setted for the last weeks of September.

The next move is up to you.

Have fun, write, send.

The Ramingo’s Porch Staff

(aka Marc Pietrzykowski, Catfish McDaris, Mendes Biondo)


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