Interview w/ Larkin Poe – A rockin’ blue vibe is coming from Atlanta, Georgia. “Our biggest goal is authenticity”

I must be sincere. It’s a real honour for me to have had an interview with Rebecca and Megan Lovell also known as Larkin Poe. We wrote an article on their coming to Italy to rock folks with the songs of their new album Venom & Faith. This time we talked about their blues roots, where their band name comes from and we knew more about their creative process. A lot of great things came out from our chatting so keep reading if you want to know more about this rockin’ duo…


When your third sister was with you, you were “The Lovell Sisters“. Now you are ‘Larkin Poe’. Let’s talk about this change in your career and tell us something about that mesmerizing band name…

Megan: When ‘The Lovell Sisters’ disbanded in late 2009, Rebecca and I knew that we wanted to form another band together as soon as possible. Since we are sisters, we wanted to pick a name that had familial significance. Larkin Poe was the name of our great-great-great-great-grandfather and, as fate would have it, Larkin Poe was actually a cousin of the fantastic American poet Edgar Allan Poe.


We always love to give a look to the “creative laboratory” of each artist. Tell us more from where your songs come from…

Rebecca: The songwriting process is always mysterious! I keep a diary of ideas: snippets of lyrics that come to mind, possible song titles, random thoughts and feelings; but mostly, my songs typically spawn from the music. I love to just sit and noodle with my guitar.

You come from the south of United States. How much those places and culture influenced your style and songs?

Megan: Growing up in the south definitely shaped our musical style. We come from a family of music-lovers and our dad was always spinning classic rock records for us when we were little kids – especially southern rock bands like The Allman BrothersThe Black CrowesLynyrd Skynyrd, and ZZ Top. Having those sounds in our ears at such a young age was key.

Who do you consider as your masters or polar star to follow during the creative process?

Rebecca: With all creative endeavors, our biggest goal is authenticity. We want to give our fans the truest, most genuine music that we can make – and that means digging deep!

You had the possibility of sharing the stage with a lot of great artists during your path. What gave to you those experiences?

Megan: We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have aligned and worked with such an incredible roster of artists over the years – from Elvis Costello, to Conor Oberst, to Keith Urban, and Steven Tyler. We truly love making music and I think folks can feel that enthusiasm whenever we roll in. As the leaders of our own band, we have a sixth sense for what is needed in a given musical situation and always try our hardest to be the best “creative helpmeet” that we can be in those moments for the artists we’re working with.

39987917_10155972866733370_5998680839779516416_o.jpgYou are ready to rock in Italy. How do you feel and what does this Italian concert mean to you?

Rebecca: We’re stoked to come to Italy! A few years ago, we played a handful shows in Italy with Elvis Costello – but getting to come back and play a show as Larkin Poe is super exciting.

Let’s give a look inside the crystal ball. What are your future projects?

Megan: The future is unwritten! All we truly aim to do is: keep doing what we’re doing, only bigger and better and brighter!

Mendes Biondo

You can buy their new album Venom & Faith at this link:


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