The Ramingo’s Porch – “desire’s dance” and “galactic serenity” by Eliana Vanessa

Ramingo Unknown Author's Immage

desire’s dance

lips of fallen innocence,
in cosmic repetition,
sound a wicked lover’s name,

embalm the flood
of my womanhood
to his unstudied prayer,

never to mingle in vain,
that we should honor the flame
all the same—

insane is desire’s dance,
fraught from the gales
of a frustrating silence,

moving in soporific somnolence,
so as to never disturb
the universal architecture.


galactic serenity

our dim lit bodies
bathe in the rush
of a milky way demise,
as, tainted,
we surmise
the gloss
of nascent aural kiss,
cut from silver chord,
from nothingness,
endeavoring bliss itself
to propel us,
like scorched star-scars,
dripping pointless wounds,
forming tracks of newborn light.


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