Spaghetti&Meatballs – Sex, Work, and American Culture Seen Through The Eyes of An Italian Poet


Get ready to shout “Mamma mia!“, because the collection of poems written by Mendes Biondo is finally out! More than 150 pages filled with poems in English language with the Italian version on the front. A small gift for those who want to enjoy a bit of “parmesan” on reading.

This collection was published by Pski’s Porch Publishing, the book cover has been created by the talented artist Jeff Filipski while the poets Catfish McDaris, Ryan Quinn Flanagan and Guinotte Wise wrote the blurbs collected on the back cover.

I enjoyed this book like linguini with clams. Like a plump Italian beauty with her arms full of fragrant flowers sitting on my lap laughing. The book is full of romance and joy of life […]” wrote the poet Catfish McDaris about Spaghetti&Meatballs – Poems for Hot Organs.

The sculptor and author Guinotte Wise was amazed by the poems in Italian version: “Italian is a romance language. Just look at it in the original of these poems, and in the English translations as well. In Mendes Biondo’s use of language, it’s lyrical, lusty, luxuriant and fecund. And that’s just the English. The visual beauty of the Italian version to even a monoglot is thrilling and musical in Biondo’s rolling, cascading exuberance.

There is much wrong with what is clean and easy and Biondo’s work is one of sensual refutation. – wrote Ryan Quinn Flanagan, author of Poems to Knock the Sun Out of the Sky –  Rich language that seduces with a wet and earthy mastery.

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As Mendes once said in an interview, his idea of poetry is: “Sanctify the reader with my works. Seriously, if you feel good reading my stuff, if your inner mountain is moved and your inner river flows stronger, this means my spells worked well. I studied philosophy at the University and one of my professors started each lesson with poems and excerpts from philosophers works. Only a few authors, while reading them, made me feel a sensation of inner freshness. I’m not able to explain it well. They were, and are, like a balm for the spirit, and I hope to be able to transform my words into that spiritual balm for you.”

So it’s time for you to dive into a reading full of erotic and rebellious words.

Mendes Biondo.jpgMendes Biondo is an Italian journalist and author. His works appeared on Visual Verse, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Literary Yard, Angela Topping Hygge Feature, The BeZine, Scrittura Magazine, The Song Is, Poetry Pasta and other magazines. He is one of the editors of The Ramingo’s Porch along with Marc Pietrzykowski and Catfish McDaris.

If you want to know more about how this book was born, read the whole story here:

Spaghetti&Meatballs – Poems for Hot Organs” is available on Amazon here:

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