The Ramingo’s Porch – “Somebody Has Lost The Sense of Blood” By Elena Bello

Elena 1

Somebody has lost the sense of blood

The meaning of flesh
Of the guts
Of the organic
Of which we are made.

We come to the world
Already hearing cries of pain.
We open our eyes to the light
while we are wrapped in blood.

The first times we run
in the school gardens
the first punches with the classmates
the first accidents
and we peeled our knees
our skin was torn

and we are curious

Children kill little lizards,
they put the ants in the spider’s web
they remove the bark of the trees
to see what is hidden underneath.
The first tooth falls and
they put the tongue in the hole.
Somebody has lost the sense of blood

The carnivorous animal knows these things well.
In nature no one lives without blood,
it’s a fact that everyone knows.

the zebra dies, torn by the mouth of the lion
the young lion, who wears himself with that blood, lives.
the gazelle flees away with a wondered paw
The pain is here to tell you that you are still alive.
A cheetah family dies for hunger.

a girl becomes a woman
between her legs
she will have to wash away the red blood.
a boy becomes a man
between his legs
he will have to wash away the white blood.
It’s the pulsating life
to love
without disgust

Elena Bello is an art and social media enthusiast. Her energy is the always-ready fuel for every kind of adventure she wants to start. After the graduation at the University of Milan, she decided to give a twist to her life following courses about social media marketing and other funny stuff. She wrote poems too but she has no problems to use the graphics tablet to express herself. Her passion for animals and wildlife pushed her to start a budgerigars breeding that is very appreciated by her clients and other Italian breeders.


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