Facebook Is Censoring Art – The Call Of A Poet To Save Freedom Of Expression

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Facebook Censorship.jpg

At the end, it happened. Facebook banned the cover of my bookSpaghetti and Meatballs – Poems for Hot Organs” considering it as an injurious content. The problem? A pair of happy tits jumping in front of the viewer. A pair of breasts painted by Jeff Filipski, a talented artist who works on different topics and made a lot of covers for books. A pair of tits that, probably, are worse than people killed by war or other violent contents.

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3 pensieri su “Facebook Is Censoring Art – The Call Of A Poet To Save Freedom Of Expression

  1. David Milton ha detto:

    I commented on This on the FB page The Idiotic And Feeble-Minded Poets. What occurred to me is that FB should add a supplemental Limited Admission FB realm and call it Facebook X which allows Adult and X-rated Posts. Unfortunately it would probably Degenerate into a Porno and not an Art Realm with only gratuitous Ass, Gash, Tits, and Dicks…

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. furiodetti🇪🇺=☠️=💩 (@dettifurio) ha detto:

    OMG I thought that everyone had read the rules… FB is NOT your home. They set the rules. You may disagree but in any case (except from a blatant error in moderation) you have the right to complain. At Facebook home, Facebook rules (in any possible sense): no tits is no tits, even painted. It is not censorship is the right to your host to decide what you can post or not. His home, his rules! The only thing that we can do is to ask people to abandon FB in search of a different place with differfent rules.

    Mi piace


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