The Ramingo’s Porch – “Remembering The Ocean” & “After October” (a tribute poem to Felino A. Soriano) by Marianne Szlyk


Remembering the Ocean 

I remember the ocean when it
cleansed me, leaving only mussel shells,
stones, seaweed clinging to my legs,

smooth lozenges of opaque brown glass,
like salty versions of Grandma’s cough drops.
Zinc white gulls wheeled above waves

slapping the shore like a metronome
I would feel in dreams miles inland.
I know. The glass came from

beer bottles tossed in the ocean.
They hit concrete waves and shattered.
Further inland riders threw soda cans

past apple trees, past scenic views.
Even then trash bobbed beyond Sunday
boaters and strongest swimmers. Cruise ship

passengers did not look, seeing only
sparkling cocktails and champagne. Everyone else
flew above, imagining the plastic patches

to be new islands to discover
sometime or other but not yet.
I look out this fourth-floor window

to see the cathedral’s white dome.
Perhaps it cleanses, unlike the ocean,
that mirage so many miles away.


After October


Written in the brilliant corner
of a living room, his poems
once climbed up the wrought-iron
bookcase, past his father’s albums,
past his friends’ books, past his daughter’s
picture to the world beyond.
There his words still breathe, racing
like raindrops down a summer window,
rising like smoke from the last century’s
jazz clubs, mingling with the notes
that Monk and Parker had played.

Tonight, at the crowded cafe,
a young musician sits at the piano
in front of the painted skyline
that appears to be New York,
not the city of parking lots outside.
Like the leaves from street trees,
the man’s notes shake free in the wind.
Brilliant colors scatter without
anyone to write them down.


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