The Alien Buddha Wears a Yellow Vest – An Anthology Made of Net Censorship, Revolutionary Works and Bravery


The Yellow Vest movement found their bards. To be sincere, the authors involved into this book wrote about a new utopia, a new vision of the world we’re living in. And this, and much more, is what you can find into the anthology “The Alien Buddha Wears a Yellow Vest” published by Alien Buddha Press. It is a work of love with talented voices coming from all over the world. But there’s an interesting story behind this book and Red Focks, the publisher and curator of the anthology, told us more about all the issues he faced before letting his Alien Buddha wear a Yellow Vest.

“I wanted to make a yellow vest anthology to protest corruption, endless war, dishonest corporately owned politicians and news stations, and a disgusting wealth gap throughout society, among other things. — said Red Focks from Alien  Buddha Press — I clearly forgot one important thing. When I was posting things on Facebook like “Yellow Vest still on for 2/25″, I forgot about the patriot act, Ed Snowden, and Wikileaks. Shortly after leaving such a post, and sharing a video of the French riots on my personal timeline, my account suddenly vanashed without explanation. It was wiped out in a second. I made a new account, started adding friends, and shortly afterward FB froze my new account, they requested I take a selfie and send it to them. Still not thinking, I sent them one. I wanted to reconnect with my network so I could reach my deadlines on time. Shortly after sending the selfie, Facebook deleted my second account. Later on, my phone was disconnected. At first I thought I just had to buy more airtime, but that was not the case. My plan was still active for another week. The next day my phone was turned back on, like nothing happened. The first few calls I made had odd clicking sounds right when it would connect. I am 100% sure that my phone and social media accounts were being heavily monitored and censored for those 2 days.”

Do you want to help underground presses, authors and artists? Click on the link here below and purchase right now “Alien Buddha Wears a Yellow Vest”.




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