The Ramingo’s Porch – Three Poems by John D. Robinson

Ramingo Unknown Author's Immage



I was shacked with a woman
and this other woman was hot
for me: one drunken night I
fucked the other woman, she
had the largest nipples and
the wettest pussy I have ever
experienced but I knew I was
in trouble: the woman I
lived with I loved and she
left me: the other woman
moved in but I didn’t love
her, after 3 days I told the
other woman to fuck-off:I cleared up and cleaned
myself up a little:
the woman I loved came
back to me and we
married and have a
daughter and 3
grandchildren but
somewhere, the other
woman, with the largest
of nipples and wettest
pussy lingers like an
anorexic mist in the
background and in the
memory of an ageing
poet and the woman
he loves.



She fell in love with me
she was cursed
I was cursed and I fell in
love with her:
20 years younger than I,
I knew we were fucked
as I was an ambitionless
drug taking alcoholic
and I didn’t want to
hurt her or anyone,
it seemed I only wanted
to hurt myself:
I was deliberately
emotionally cruel to her
and she left me
and I can hear her
walking away into a
world that didn’t
include me and how
refreshing and
liberating that must
feel now for her.



When the knock on the door came
I was kissing the insides of a
woman’s thighs:
I moved and answered the door,
silently, another woman
walked into the room and
looked at the woman lying on
my bed and then she turned to
me and slapped my face hard
and then walked out of the
room, slamming the door
closed: the woman on the
bed began laughing,
beckoning me with one
hand whilst the other
gently stroked the insides
of her thighs.


John D Robinson is a UK poet: hundreds of his poems have appeared in print and online: he has published several chapbooks of poetry: ‘Hang In There’ his first full collection will shortly be published by ‘Uncollected Press’ USA.


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