The Ramingo’s Porch – Two Poems By David Boski

Ramingo Unknown Author's Immage

An Epiphany Lost on Magical Mushrooms

One of her friends didn’t want any
so I decided to eat her share of the
mushrooms without considering the
possible consequences of doubling

And so, we ate the shrooms in my
girlfriend’s small bachelor apartment
located in the west end of Toronto;
packed in like sardines.

And she went up to the top bunk as
we sat below her, my friend (who I had
never done psychedelics with before)
kept looking into the fucking refrigerator
and became lizardy and unappealing, her
friend was fine cause she didn’t eat her share,
and I became paranoid for the first time and
began sweating like an NBA athlete before
vomiting into the toilet and asking them all if
they saw what had happened here (they didn’t).

They did however leave, eventually, and my
girlfriend fell asleep as I turned and looked
outside at the church across the street and held
it in my giant hands as tears trickled down my face
while I pulled the world towards me; opening it up
and taking a look inside, momentarily seeing it for
what it was, and what it is, and knowing the truth—
that I shouldn’t have eaten her share.


The Filthy Fucking Neighbours

My filthy crust punk neighbours fuck above me
as I lay in bed listening, unable to sleep.
she screams and moans sounds of pleasure
and I begin rooting for him to do a good job,
even though I’d rather they get it over with.

This happens numerous times throughout
the years they live above me, and I return
the favor with multiple women of my own.
but somehow, I doubt they ever rooted for
me, as they began stomping on the floor
during domestic disputes, or when I played
the music too loud.

I couldn’t stomp on the ceiling so I’d punch up
towards it using my six-foot six-inch frame to reach.
we stopped saying hello or acknowledging each other
and eventually I moved out.

About a year later I saw them walking down the street
holding hands. she was pregnant and they were as filthy
as they’d ever looked, but they also looked happy, as I
avoided eye contact, somehow feeling like I’d lost.



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