The Ramingo’s Porch – “Good Time Girl” And Other Poems By Bradford Middleton

Ramingo Unknown Author's Immage


I just want to get fucked
Fucked up on booze
Fucked up on weed
Fucked up by a good-time girl
Who’ll show me love
For the briefest glimmer
Before leaving me feeling
Lower than low and as usual
All alone again
Oh for a good-time girl right now!



I dream of porn star fucking but
Right now I’d take just about anything
As long as she’s got a pulse
And gets me hot
We’d lose ourselves for a few off days
Taking you to new levels of
Depravity with every passing suggestion



The nights of late have grown wild
From that moment I get out of work
With a can for the walk back home
Until I can sit back and take in a smoke
Once I’m in through the front door
Followed by obviously a whole lot more
Until I’m done knowing I’d be safer
Getting out but in this town at that time
Of day there ain’t anywhere else to go
Except that stool at that bar where of late
I’ve been greeted like an old friend by
Whoever it is that’s working, leaving me
With the occasional dash outside for
More smoking as in this liberal mecca
Anything goes as my mind goes pop
Just like the other night when one of the
Barmaids told me I was, to put it ever
So bluntly fucked


Bradford Middleton was born in south London during the summer of 1971 and won his first poetry prize aged nine.  He then gave up writing for over twenty-five years and only began again once he’d landed in Brighton not knowing anyone and having no money he holed up in his room writing and drinking.  Since then he’s had three chapbooks of poetry published, the latest from Analog Submissions Press, as well as a novel from New Pulp Press.  Go be his friend if you like by finding him on Facebook @bradfordmiddleton1.


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