RAMINGO! Review – “The Changing Tide” by Lewis J. Beilman III

The Changing Tide.jpg

Ten short stories and a novella. Eleven adventures setted in today America that made me think about how much US culture and history are changing. Lewis J. Beilman III, author of “The Changing Tide”, was able to depict, with a few pages, all the anger, the worries, the cultural depression of today United States. There’s a sort of stasys in these short stories, the characters are unable to face events, they simply let the stream flow. They are victims of themselves. Continua a leggere

The Alien Buddha Wears a Yellow Vest – An Anthology Made of Net Censorship, Revolutionary Works and Bravery


The Yellow Vest movement found their bards. To be sincere, the authors involved into this book wrote about a new utopia, a new vision of the world we’re living in. And this, and much more, is what you can find into the anthology “The Alien Buddha Wears a Yellow Vest” published by Alien Buddha Press. It is a work of love with talented voices coming from all over the world. But there’s an interesting story behind this book and Red Focks, the publisher and curator of the anthology, told us more about all the issues he faced before letting his Alien Buddha wear a Yellow Vest. Continua a leggere

“Impeach The Motherfucker” & “Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken” – New Chapbooks from Catfish McDaris


I’m very proud to introduce you to two new chapbooks by Catfish McDaris. They are made of pure madness, fun, rage, and all the things we generally look for when we search a good chap to read. The first one is “Impeach the Motherfucker” and I suppose you all know what he is talking about. The second one is “Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken“. I suppose seeing the dear old Cat doing the “Funky Chicken” is not exactly what we want to do. But c’mon, his poems are strong and dirty enough to open up a booze and cheer on them. Continua a leggere

Messer VerdelaTesta – La Recensione di RAMINGO! Blog


Lui è irresistibilmente bello, è senza una zampina, è già alla prima ristampa dopo soli sessanta giorni dall’uscita, è divertente e vi travolgerà in un’avventura senza uguali che va dalla Sicilia di Re Tindaro fino al Granducato di Mantova. Di chi stiamo parlando? Ma di Messer VerdelaTesta, ovviamente! Continua a leggere

The sensuality of “She wolf” by Giuseppe Graziosi

La Lupa 4

Every tourist would be amazed by visiting the Graziosi’s gipsothèque in Modena. We at the RAMINGO! Blog were fascinated to by these works and, in particular, by the wild beauty of the sculpture “She wolf”, so we would like to tell you the story linked to this plaster sculpture. Continua a leggere

Meravigliose Avventure – The journey of explorers, merchants and pilgrims in an exhibition in Modena


Feeling lost into a world bigger than us. Trying to know what is hidden at the end of the horizon. Finding new cultures, traditions and riches to bring back home. Facing sea monsters, strange birds and monkeys so to be able to tell people about their existence. Since the beginning of the human journey, the need of discovery moved people through a fascinating adventure that is perfectly summed up by the exhibition Meravigliose Avventure (Wonderful Adventures) now open until 6 January 2019 at the Estensi Galleries in Modena.

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