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Cajun Mutt Press

Now available from Cajun Mutt Press, Where Hot Rods Ride by Mendes Biondo!

From the opening poem, A Crow On A High Voltage Cable, to the closing poem, Witness Of The Wine, this Hot Rod will take you on a wild ride!


Excerpt from the blurb, written by Mark Blickley

“For readers whose travel destinations do not include raw sex, masturbation, and unfettered erotic passion, please do not step into Biondo’s hot rod, a warning that I suspect should be issued not only to lovers of poetry but also to Mendes’ lovers. If sacred salacious journeys do not deter you, then buckle yourself in and peel off with tires smoking into Where Hot Rods Ride.”


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OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Send your best works to RAMINGO! right now



Hey folks it’s time to submit again! But there are a few things that are changed here. You were used to know The Ramingo’s Porch, our quarterly printed magazine, but due to the high costs of realization, we decided to change it into an e-magazine, publishing selected submissions continuosly.

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Translation Services from Vatsala Radhakeesoon

John Brantingham Review of “Spaghetti and Meatballs – Poems for Hot Organs” on Cultural Weekly

The Mendes Speakeasy


by John Brantingham

What struck me first about Mendes Biondo’s Spaghetti and Meatballs: Poems for Hot Organ was how aggressive the sexuality of this new collection is. I wasn’t offended or bothered in any way by it, but raw physicality runs through the book. This sexuality, however, is not what I was left with after having read the English translations of Biondo’s Italian poetry. What I came back to was a new vision of the universal feeling of despair and loneliness we all feel, and the antidotes that he offers to that despair.

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Boxing With Life on Drinkers Only

The Mendes Speakeasy


Boxing With Life

the dear ol’ bukowski was right
stay down
let things go
drink a sip of your own blood

the dude with oiled muscles beat shit out of you
the dude with the red gloves is called life from the folk
that fucking folk claiming his name
it’s life man
it’s an hard motherfucker to face

Read the whole poem here:

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The Ramingo’s Porch #4 – A Collection Of Erotic Poems And Hot Short Stories

The Mendes Speakeasy

The Ramingo's Porch 4

The Ramingo’s Porch Issue #4 is officially out on Amazon. This time the Musketeers wanted to make you dream about the sexy thing with erotic poems and short stories. We published well known authors as well as emerging ones and we are particularly proud of the cover art made by Jeff Filipski. It’s always a pleasure and a honour to share the page with talented people and to spread their works here and there in the world.

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Alien Buddha Zine #3 – Underground Poets Are Ready To Rock The Net

The Mendes Speakeasy


Many talented authors and artists are collected in this issue of the Alien Buddha Zine and I’m really happy to be part of it. You can find the black n white and the color version on Amazon. Alien Buddha Zine is published by Alien Buddha Press and collects the best voices coming from the underground lit scene.

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