The Ramingo’s Porch – Two Poems By Brian Rihlmann


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my heart
has grown old
it seems sudden
but it has crept up
I see that now Continua a leggere

The Ramingo’s Porch – “Pull The Chain” A Poem By Kushal Poddar

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Pull The Chain

The morning train mails away.
The shit beside the railroad still fresh.

The girl on the facing seat sleeps
in between her legs.
A labor knotted hand lights
the day’s first cigarette guarding it
from the wind framed by the ajar door. Continua a leggere

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Cajun Mutt Press

Now available from Cajun Mutt Press, Where Hot Rods Ride by Mendes Biondo!

From the opening poem, A Crow On A High Voltage Cable, to the closing poem, Witness Of The Wine, this Hot Rod will take you on a wild ride!


Excerpt from the blurb, written by Mark Blickley

“For readers whose travel destinations do not include raw sex, masturbation, and unfettered erotic passion, please do not step into Biondo’s hot rod, a warning that I suspect should be issued not only to lovers of poetry but also to Mendes’ lovers. If sacred salacious journeys do not deter you, then buckle yourself in and peel off with tires smoking into Where Hot Rods Ride.”


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The Ramingo’s Porch – Two Poems By David Boski

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An Epiphany Lost on Magical Mushrooms

One of her friends didn’t want any
so I decided to eat her share of the
mushrooms without considering the
possible consequences of doubling
down. Continua a leggere

The Ramingo’s Porch – Two Poems By George D Anderson

George D Anderson.jpg

The Christmas Family Form Letter

The letter arrives every year
like clockwork-
usually by the 15th of December
in a pink scented envelope
with masses of colourful stamps
& a professionally printed logo
with their names & address
pasted in the top left corner. Continua a leggere

Ramingo Interviews – Steven Storrie: “If You’re Truly A Writer You Will Unravel If You Don’t Write”


Steven Storrie is a writer from England whose published work includes poetry collections (‘Yours Sincerely, Axl Rose’), short story collections (‘4pm In Los Angeles’) and a novella. His new book, ‘The Wreck Collection’, is available now through Alien Buddha Press and Amazon. We had an interview with him to know better his writing tricks and what he likes most about life, writing and many other things. Continua a leggere

The Ramingo’s Porch – “Very Strange” And Other Poems by DAH


Very Strange

Today, the light has a sharp edge,
one swing of a sunbeam
and the tower-bells
melt to a bowl of soup.

Flowers are sweating and
the dried grass, like limp scales.
I think the day is crazy, almost
sour and sick. Continua a leggere