Charles Joseph

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Charles Joseph comes from Montclair, NJ

How long have you been writing?

A Brief History

A few years back
twenty-eight to be exact
Charles Joseph wrote
his first poem

it was horrible
but for some odd reason
he wrote another one
that was a little better

and from that point on
he’s done his best
to avoid drowning
in alphabet soup.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a writer? Well, the angel hovering over my left shoulder would say that my greatest accomplishment as a writer so far is that I released a full-length collection of poems and stories called Chameleon this year that’s received excellent reviews. But the devil hovering over my right shoulder would say that I haven’t really done much to write home about yet. So, I guess it’s probably best to get back to me on this in about twenty years and I’ll most likely be able to answer this question with a bit more verve and conviction.

What projects of yours have been recently published? Savage Beast a split chapbook with Adrian Manning (November 2017); Happiness is a Death Blow a split chapbook with Kendall A. Bell (October 2017); CHAMELEON (Omnibus Unum 2012-2016) selected poems and stories (June 2017); Old School Monsters a split chapbook with John Dorsey (January 2017).

What are you currently working on and what inspired this work? You’re joking right? I’m working on taking over the world. And if you want to know who inspired that notion, blame it on that devil hovering over my right shoulder. But seriously, right now I’m working on poems and short stories, all of which are inspired by divine intervention.

Where can we find your work? The easiest way would be on the front page of my website

How do you react to rejections? To be honest, I don’t care about rejections anymore at all. There are a million places to submit your work, and if what I send out doesn’t work for someone or someplace, I just move on like it didn’t even happen. Anything else is unhealthy for me and worse for my work.

How do you react when one of your submissions is accepted for publication? I get super excited. Then I move on like it didn’t even happen. I’m like a shark, if I don’t keep swimming along toward my next kill I’ll die.

What is your best piece of advice on how to stay sane as a writer? No idea. I’m hanging on by a thread.

What is your favorite book? Journey To The End Of The Night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

Who is your favorite author? Kurt Vonnegut (and many, many, more…).

If you could have dinner with one fictional character, who would it be and why? Henry Chinaski, because I’d love to publish one of his stories in my webzine.

What makes you laugh? Classic Looney Tunes. That Elmer Fudd is hilarious (and Foghorn Leghorn is too).

What makes you cry? Cinema Paradiso…If you don’t cry by the end of that movie you most likely hate old people, pizza, democracy, puppies, and children.

What is your preferred drink while you write? Coffee.

What is your favorite food? Pizza!

Shakespeare or Bukowski? What? Aren’t they the same guy?

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Books for sale and/or press: CHAMELEON (Omnibus Unum 2012-2016) selected poems and stories