Wayne Burke

wayne burke.jpg

How long have you been writing? Started to think of myself as “writer” after encouragement by my High School English teacher and an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts, where I spent my 17th year. Have written ever since; mostly prose. Remained something of a dilettante in poetry until my mid-50’s. Since then–I am 64–I have published 4 full-length poetry collections with Bareback Press and two chapbooks with Epic Rites Press. I still write expository prose, and my reviews of books can be found at amazon and Goodreads.

What projects of yours have been recently published? Recent work of mine has appeared in The Aurorean, In Between Hangovers, The Stray Branch, and Open: Journal of Arts and Letters.

Who is your favorite author? Influences on my work are diverse as genera of bird species.

What is your preferred drink while you write? I don’t drink while writing. Am strictly teetotaler.

Shakespeare or Bukowski? I think Shakespeare and Bukowski of equal relevance.