Belinda Subraman

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Belinda Subraman comes from El Paso, Texas

How long have you been writing? Oh I’ve been writing poems since I was in grade school last century.  I’ve been published here and there for about 30 years.  Greatest accomplishment?  Not sure but maybe my new book, Left Hand Dharma:  New and Selected Poems from Unlikely books.  Available on Amazon.

Where can we find your work? You can see a pretty good sampling of my writing by Googling Belinda Subraman.

How do you react to rejections? I have a ten page Intro in Left Hand Dharma which gives a pretty good overview of my writing life.  I’m sure I was discouraged with my first rejections but I kept submitting.  I estimate acceptances to be at least 500 over 30 years.  Rejections, I don’t count, however there were many more than acceptances.  I used to save them.  In fact, I believe there’s a folder in my archives at New Mexico State University in Albuquerque.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment as a writer? One of my most interesting accomplishments in the writing field was editing and publishing an international literary magazine for 10 years, called Gypsy.  I also published books and chapbooks under the name Vergin’ Press. During this time I had contact with Bukowski and Burroughs and I was living in Europe.  Interesting days, as I look back.

What are you currently working on and what inspired this work? I still write and am looking to do a multimedia event with poetry, music, dance and art.  I also paint and drum and they are as important to me as writing now.  They’re all poetry.

What is your preferred drink while you write? I’m not much of a drinker these days but I believe in herbal medicine.

What is your best piece of advice on how to stay sane as a writer? Best advice to writers is to keep writing but don’t freak out if you have a dry spell.  Also, never submit while stoned, especially if you just wrote it.  Let your work cool and edit it in a calmer mood.

What is your favorite food? I’m currently on a “health kick” so I’m staying away from wonderfully delicious unhealthy foods, doing yoga, walking more, even weight training a tad.

Personal website/blog: I used to run several blogs, a personal website and others.  Now I’m down to pretty much the ones listed below.

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