Mendes Biondo’s words are words of conflict, words of voyage and longing. They are the words of a man trying to find his place in an unstable modern world in constant flux. There is a yearning for the old, but with a candid realization that modernity stops for no one and that the technology we have all become so reliant on in our daily lives has stripped us in many ways of our identity and humanity and isolated us from our place; our hands in the dirt. There is much wrong with what is clean and easy and Biondo’s work is one of sensual refutation. Rich language that seduces with a wet and earthy mastery. —Ryan Quinn Flanagan, author of Poems to Knock the Sun Out of the Sky

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RP1CoverWebDiscover a world made of poems, stories, plays, essays, words upon words upon even more words, all for your reading pleasure. All this is the first issue of The Ramingo’s Porch. Edited by Mendes Biondo, Marc Pietrzykowski and Catfish McDaris. The Ramingo’s Porch is published 4X per year, and it is a collaborative effort spanning deserts and oceans.

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RP2CoverDraftJeff2 copiaThe Ramingo’s Porch, Issue #2, bursting at the seams with poetry, stories, essays, and other literary constellations. The title of this anthology is Love, Spring and Revolution.

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The Ramingo’s Porch, Issue #3, another folio exploding with poetry, stories, essays, and artwork. The theme for issue 3: Fuck Bukowski.

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The Ramingo's Porch 4

An issue dedicated to the pleasure. Poems, short stories and much more dedicated to sex and wet feelings. A hot reading for hot readers. Feel the “fourth”.

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Resurrection of a Sunflower Copertina


A whopping 546 pages of glorious poetry and prose from all over the Earth, gathered by Catfish McDaris and Pski’s Porch. This anthology celebrates Vincent van Gogh’s life, art, and posthumous fame in a range of poetic styles befitting the global relevance of their subject.

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