Spaghetti&Meatballs – Sex, Work, and American Culture Seen Through The Eyes of An Italian Poet


Get ready to shout “Mamma mia!“, because the collection of poems written by Mendes Biondo is finally out! More than 150 pages filled with poems in English language with the Italian version on the front. A small gift for those who want to enjoy a bit of “parmesan” on reading. Continua a leggere

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Send your best works to RAMINGO! right now


Hey folks it’s time to submit again! But there are a few things that are changed here. You were used to know The Ramingo’s Porch, our quarterly printed magazine, but due to the high costs of realization, we decided to change it into an e-magazine, publishing selected submissions continuosly. Continua a leggere


RP #4 Front Cover.jpg

The front and back covers of this issue are from Jeff Filipski

Why HOT SEX? Come on, the answer is quite obvious. Because it’s funny and we all need some sex in our life. So we decide, after the Bukowski tribute, to publish a collection of poems, short stories, short essays, plays and everything you can do with words, about sex. Continua a leggere

Call For Submissions – The Ramingo’s Porch #2 “Love, Spring and Revolution”

Submissions call Ramingo's Porch

The first issue is out but the Ramingoes never stop their wanderings. We decided to set up a new call for submissions that will end on January the 26th. This time we thought about a special theme… Continua a leggere

The Ramingo’s Porch #1 – Here’s The Beginning of Our Great Journey


Rolling the trumpets and ringing the drums! The first issue of The Ramingo’s Porch is ready to reach your hands. I’m very proud of this issue that is the beginning of an amazing journey. But now it’s time to give honor and glory to our authors… Continua a leggere

Lost In Translation – Catfish McDaris


Dopo Charles Joseph, è venuto il momento di Catfish McDaris. Ho così tante cose da dire su di lui che il modo migliore di presentarvi i suoi lavori è lasciare che parlino da soli. Ho conosciuto Catfish grazie all’esperienza relativa a “Resurrection of a Sunflower” e ora lui fa parte della banda di editor che si sta occupando del primo numero (e spero anche di molti altri nel futuro) di “The Ramingo’s Porch”. Ma ora è tempo di un po’ di tacos e di pescegatto fritto con un pizzico di sapore italiano.

Continua a leggere

Heroin – The New Smashing Book Written By Catfish McDaris And Published By Alien Buddha Press


Oops Catfish McDaris did it again. He published a new book with the guys of Alien Buddha Press. “Heroin” – this is the title of his new collection of writings – is a hitting book that follows the writing style of the author from Milwaukee. Continua a leggere