A Review of Minky Woodcock, The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini and RAMINGO! With Her Mesmerizing Adventures

Minky Woodcock Issue #1 Cover D

I had the honour and pleasure to read Minky Woodcock, the comic series by Cynthia Von Buhler published by Hard Case Crime – Titan Comics, all in one night. The whole series passed in front of my eyes in a few hours. When something is great enough to capture my attention, I dive into it till I don’t reach the end of the Maelstrom. And, in the case of Cynthia Von Buhler’s work, it’s a real vortex of emotions, adventure and suspense. It’s all this and much more, if we consider also the quotes to great classics of investigative literature and pop culture. Continua a leggere

The Forever War – Titan Announces The Comic Book Sequel Adaptation

With the much-anticipated The Forever War graphic novel adaptation being released in bookstores tomorrow, Titan Comics is excited to announce the next installment in novelist Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman, and Marvano’s epic science-fiction comic book series, The Forever War: Forever Free! Continua a leggere

Bloodborne – Titan Comics Is Ready to Publish The First Issue of The Comic About The Videogame Series


Discover the terrifying secrets of Old Yharnam in a brand-new Bloodborne comic series from Titan Comics, which spins out of JAPAN Studio and Fromsoftware’s critically-acclaimed Bloodborne videogame! Continua a leggere

THOR: RAGNAROK – Official Collector’s Edition From Titan Comics and Marvel Studios


Titan Publishing is thrilled to announce Thor: Ragnarok The Official Collector’s Edition – celebrating the making of Marvel Studio’s hotly anticipated new movie, Thor: Ragnarok! From exclusive cast interviews to concept art, this is fans’ all-in- one guide to The God of Thunder’s latest celluloid adventure, which hits cinemas in November 3, 2017!  Continua a leggere

Titan Comics – Babylon Berlin and The Inspiration Behind The Netflix Smash Hit TV Series


Titan Comics and Hard Case Crime are excited to announce BABYLON BERLIN arriving in comic book stores on January 3, 2018: the original graphic novel that inspired this Autumn’s hit TV show – available on Netflix! Continua a leggere

NYCC – Statix Press Announces English Translation of Atlas & Axis With Titan Comics


All-new fantasy cartoon epic coming next January from Titan Comics’ new imprint. Titan Comics and Statix Press, in fact, are excited to announce that creator Pau’s Prix Du FIBD Angoulême award-nominated comic – Atlas & Axis – is being translated for a whole new US audience, next January.  Continua a leggere

Titan Comics – The Prisoner Marks 50th Anniversary With All-New Comic Books!



To celebrate the first UK broadcast of celebrated cult favourite The Prisoner, Titan Comics – licensed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment – are pleased to announce an all-new comic books based on the original TV show written by Peter Milligan (The Mummy, Dan Dare, Hellblazer) with art by Colin Lorimer (The X-Files, Hellraiser, Harvest) coming in 2018! Continua a leggere