Call Me Guido – A Tribute To Italian American Culture By Mike Fiorito


What does it means to be an Italian American in USA? Well it’s not only about eating pizza and singing Sinatra’s songs during weddings. When I started reading the short story collection of Mike Fiorito, I understood what an Italian American guy told me once: “We’ve got it in the blood”. Continua a leggere

Ugly Duckling Presse – Celebrating 25 Years of Successes

Ugly Duckling Presse 25 Years.JPG

From humble beginnings as a xeroxed zine of collage and poetry in 1993, UDP has become an internationally known publisher of poetry, essays, translations, performance texts, and books by artists, appreciated for its breadth of content as well as the look and feel of its productions which emphasize the materiality and labor of bookmaking. With more than 300 titles published thus far, Ugly Duckling Presse is celebrating 25 years of DIY small press activity and fervently utopian amateur spirit. Continua a leggere

Vagina Museum – Femininity as a form of art and culture for Florence Schechter

Florence Schechter.jpg

A Museum as you won’t expect it. We like this kind of cultural projects, so we decided to know more about the Vagina Museum. We discovered that a Penis Museum exists in Iceland but that is another story… The Vagina Museum was born from a concept by Florence Schechter, a science YouTuber. All begun when she was researching 10 Animal Vaginas for a YouTube video to go alongside the one she made about penises. She discovered that there was not enough Vagina in the cultural world, so she is trying to fix this gap. Here you can read what she told us about her project and the future of the Vagina Museum. Continua a leggere