Natural Phenomena – Meryl Pugh’s Debut Collection Published by Penned In The Margins Is Officially Out


Natural Phenomena is the long-awaited debut collection of poetry from Meryl Pugh.
Chosen as the Spring 2018 Guest Selection by the Poetry Book Society, Natural Phenomena is a book of witnessing and listening, of discovering the natural word
through the window of the urban environment. Continua a leggere

Swims – The Debut Collection of Poems from Elizabeth-Jane Burnett About Living the Mesmerizing Relationship with Water


Penned in the Margins published Swims, the debut collection from Elizabeth-Jane Burnett. Swims is the mesmerising and evocative debut by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, inspired by wild swimming. A book-length poem taking many forms, Swims navigates its way across the UK’s rivers, lakes and seas, investigating water’s effect on body and mind,
and the human impact on the natural world. Continua a leggere