Lost In Translation – John D. Robinson

Portrait Hank Stanton.jpg

John D Robinson’s portrait by Henry G Stanton

Intime, intense ed erotiche: così definirei queste poesie. Per me è stato un vero onore poter tradurre John D. Robinson. La sua è una scrittura schietta che permette al lettore di entrare subito in confidenza. Non lascia spazio alle supposizioni e parla dei piccoli grandi problemi che tutti noi affrontiamo nella nostra vita.

Intimate, intense and erotic: thus I would define these poems. For me it was a real honor to be able to translate John D Robinson. His is a frank writing that allows the reader to enter immediately into confidence. It leaves no room for assumptions and speaks of the great little problems we all face in our lives. Continua a leggere

The Ramingo’s Porch – Three Poems by John D. Robinson

Ramingo Unknown Author's Immage



I was shacked with a woman
and this other woman was hot
for me: one drunken night I
fucked the other woman, she
had the largest nipples and
the wettest pussy I have ever
experienced but I knew I was
in trouble: the woman I
lived with I loved and she
left me: the other woman
moved in but I didn’t love
her, after 3 days I told the
other woman to fuck-off: Continua a leggere

“Impeach The Motherfucker” & “Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken” – New Chapbooks from Catfish McDaris


I’m very proud to introduce you to two new chapbooks by Catfish McDaris. They are made of pure madness, fun, rage, and all the things we generally look for when we search a good chap to read. The first one is “Impeach the Motherfucker” and I suppose you all know what he is talking about. The second one is “Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken“. I suppose seeing the dear old Cat doing the “Funky Chicken” is not exactly what we want to do. But c’mon, his poems are strong and dirty enough to open up a booze and cheer on them. Continua a leggere