The sensuality of “She wolf” by Giuseppe Graziosi

La Lupa 4

Every tourist would be amazed by visiting the Graziosi’s gipsothèque in Modena. We at the RAMINGO! Blog were fascinated to by these works and, in particular, by the wild beauty of the sculpture “She wolf”, so we would like to tell you the story linked to this plaster sculpture. Continua a leggere

Meravigliose Avventure – The journey of explorers, merchants and pilgrims in an exhibition in Modena


Feeling lost into a world bigger than us. Trying to know what is hidden at the end of the horizon. Finding new cultures, traditions and riches to bring back home. Facing sea monsters, strange birds and monkeys so to be able to tell people about their existence. Since the beginning of the human journey, the need of discovery moved people through a fascinating adventure that is perfectly summed up by the exhibition Meravigliose Avventure (Wonderful Adventures) now open until 6 January 2019 at the Estensi Galleries in Modena.

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