Interview w/ Larkin Poe – A rockin’ blue vibe is coming from Atlanta, Georgia. “Our biggest goal is authenticity”

I must be sincere. It’s a real honour for me to have had an interview with Rebecca and Megan Lovell also known as Larkin Poe. We wrote an article on their coming to Italy to rock folks with the songs of their new album Venom & Faith. This time we talked about their blues roots, where their band name comes from and we knew more about their creative process. A lot of great things came out from our chatting so keep reading if you want to know more about this rockin’ duo… Continua a leggere

Pamaru Mana – Story of the Birth of a Contemporary Way to Conceive Borgeet for Debasish Parashar

Indian music is a Universe a part. As an occidental man with a great curiosity about foreign culture, I costantly try to find new things and new styles. One of these days I met Debasish Parashar an indian poet, a professor and, last but not the least, a singer and musician. He introduced me to the fascinating world of Borgeet and after a long chat about music and local traditions I discovered that he worked along with two visual artists: Mysti S Milwee from US and Tori Michelle Carter from Canada. Here you can read what emerged from this cultural encounter. Continua a leggere

Titan Comics – In 2018 Will Be Released the Official “The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine” Illustrated Adaptation And Vinyl Figures

Yellow Submarine Cover

Titan Comics is excited to announce a deal with Apple Corps Ltd to publish an official illustrated adaptation of The Beatles’ iconic animated film, Yellow Submarine.  Due to hit stores in 2018 to tie-in with the 50th Anniversary of the release of the movie. The deal was brokered by Bravado International, The Beatles’ North American licensing agent. Continua a leggere