An Ocean Of Statics – The New Collection of Poems by J.R. Carpenter Published By Penned in the Margins


An Ocean of Static is the poetry debut from award-winning Canadian digital writer J.R. Carpenter. Collaging computer code, ships’ logs and maritime vernacular, Carpenter maps the water between and beyond Britain and her homeland, charting the elusive story of the North Atlantic. Continua a leggere

Natural Phenomena – Meryl Pugh’s Debut Collection Published by Penned In The Margins Is Officially Out


Natural Phenomena is the long-awaited debut collection of poetry from Meryl Pugh.
Chosen as the Spring 2018 Guest Selection by the Poetry Book Society, Natural Phenomena is a book of witnessing and listening, of discovering the natural word
through the window of the urban environment. Continua a leggere

Swims – The Debut Collection of Poems from Elizabeth-Jane Burnett About Living the Mesmerizing Relationship with Water


Penned in the Margins published Swims, the debut collection from Elizabeth-Jane Burnett. Swims is the mesmerising and evocative debut by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, inspired by wild swimming. A book-length poem taking many forms, Swims navigates its way across the UK’s rivers, lakes and seas, investigating water’s effect on body and mind,
and the human impact on the natural world. Continua a leggere

Luke Wright – Our Interview To One Of The UK’s Best-known Poetry Performers

The Toll
We wrote an article about his new collection of poems titled “The Toll” but he is a so enthralling poet that we decided to have an interview with him. We are talking about Luke Wright. He is one of the UK’s best-known poetry performers. His shows are enjoyed by thousands of people across the world every year, where he mixes the wistful with the downright comic to take audiences on an incredible emotional journey. Since 2006 he has written and performed eight solo shows, touring them to top literary and arts festivals across the world. This is what he told us… Continua a leggere

The Toll – Luke Wright’s Second Full Collection Published By Penned In The Margins

The Toll.jpg

O England heal my hackneyed heart.
It’s shot with guilt and all those nights.
I’ve shared it far too often, England;
bled it almost dry for eager eyes;
traded it for other hearts
that turned to gristle in my grasp.

The Toll is Luke Wright’s second full collection, shining a light on Englishness, austerity and parenthood in poems expertly honed on the stages, A-roads and radio shows of Britain. From laugh-out-loud funny to heartbreak and anger at the turn of a page, The Toll visits the flat-roofed pubs and half-bought sofas of Brexit Britain, demanding the cost of living in a creaking society and registering the strain it puts on us all. Continua a leggere