Poetry Pharmacy – A Dream Coming Truth For The Emergency Poet Deborah Alma


“It was a beautiful sunny morning when, in the charming town of Bishop’s Castle, the gate of Deborah Alma’s Poetic Pharmacy rose up…”
That’s the way we would like to imagine, as in a novel opening, the beginning of the new adventure that will see our favorite Emergency Poet as protagonist: Deborah Alma. Her intent? To open a Poetry Pharmacy so to be able to give all her followers a space for counseling moments, and the pleasure of reading and writing good literature. A few days ago we had an interview with her and here’s what she told us … Continua a leggere

Mind The Time – Poetry And Football For A Wonderful August Evening In Glasgow


Are you nearby Glasgow on 1st of August or you are planning to spend some days in one of the greatest city of Scotland in that period? Good for you, because the RAMINGO! knows the kind of events you would enjoy. Do you like football and poetry? Do you like to be part of a group of good fellows around a microphone reading poems about their favourite football teams? So “Mind The Time & The Poets” is the event for you. Continua a leggere