The Ramingo’s Porch – “The Unending” a Short Story By Mike Fiorito


The Unending

            We had recently moved into an apartment only a block away from an elevated train track.  At times, the trains roared loudly, as if surging through our living room.  Sometimes the train’s rattle was subtle, like a gurgling brook.  Sometimes we didn’t hear the train at all.

One night, a few weeks ago, I got home very late from work.  All of the lights were out in the apartment.  On the kitchen table, I saw a cigarette still smoking in an ash tray, though I didn’t see Triny, my wife.  I figured she must have just gone to bed.  I undressed, closed the lights and settled into bed. Continua a leggere

The Alien Buddha Wears a Yellow Vest – An Anthology Made of Net Censorship, Revolutionary Works and Bravery


The Yellow Vest movement found their bards. To be sincere, the authors involved into this book wrote about a new utopia, a new vision of the world we’re living in. And this, and much more, is what you can find into the anthology “The Alien Buddha Wears a Yellow Vest” published by Alien Buddha Press. It is a work of love with talented voices coming from all over the world. But there’s an interesting story behind this book and Red Focks, the publisher and curator of the anthology, told us more about all the issues he faced before letting his Alien Buddha wear a Yellow Vest. Continua a leggere


RP #4 Front Cover.jpg

The front and back covers of this issue are from Jeff Filipski

Why HOT SEX? Come on, the answer is quite obvious. Because it’s funny and we all need some sex in our life. So we decide, after the Bukowski tribute, to publish a collection of poems, short stories, short essays, plays and everything you can do with words, about sex. Continua a leggere